A Naturopath in Germany took the Living From Vision® course taught by Dr. Kedding. He had chosen the goal of creating the funds for his orphanage in India which he supported with his own efforts. For his new vision he needed 70.000 DM. Three weeks into the course he manifested ALL the funds. Large donations were given to him in the most surprising way.

He had a genuine need, and the need was answered.

G. W. Naturopath, Germany

An author took the Living From Vision® course taught by Marion Selke in Bonn Germany. He had two goals. First to find a publisher for his first book, and next a specific sum of money for his daily living. Shortly after the class, he got a check for the exact amount of money he had envisioned, which was amazing in itself.

Beyond that, he received a contract from a publisher for his first novel! Of course he was moved by his experience of co-creating reality. He continues using the LFV cassettes at home.

T.G. Author, Germany

With this course I became the top sales-man of the company. Everyone wanted to know how I had done it! I was asked to give a speech about it.

Gary, Salesperson, Chicago, USA

The following story is of a man who is a film-maker.

J.R. was teaching the Living From Vision course for the first time. To put the course to the test, he imaged a super expensive blue Audi. Within weeks he received a phone-call from the Lotto-Totto, the German Lottery. They told him that he had won an Audi. It was the very model he had envisioned. Only it was red, not blue!

J. R. Filmmaker, Germany

At the beginning of the course I had tremendous financial difficulties in my company. I needed A LOT of money to keep my company afloat. Then I applied all of the imagery techniques from the Living From Vision Course through my daily work with the tapes and .... in the third week I had miracles happen. ALL of the money I needed manifested in the most amazing way. I am recommending this course to all of my employees.

M. B. Arsbeck, Germany

I was working as a hairdresser and had developed a bad skin rash. I was not to happy with my work and I didn’t feel that I was living up to my potential. I aligned with my inner purpose for my life’s energy and discovered that I wanted to be much more creative in the field I was working in.

At the end of my Living From Vision® Course my boss came to me out of the blue and asked me if I wanted to head an ultra- new section of the hair-dressing salon. I was to do Costume-Hair-Design. As soon as I started on my new and utterly creative job my skin rash disappeared. Thanks for your amazing course.

Basel, Germany

“This course has changed my life...I learned how to quiet my busy mind, embrace my inner wisdom and have made changes in my life I thought were not possible...

I recommend this course to anyone wanting magic in their life and profound inner joy and peace.

N. Z., Ashland Oregon

This work, Living From Vision, is like a secret back door to a richer and more intuitive spiritual life, without the dogma. I still continue working with the tapes, now years later, and my life unfolds like magic.

C. Johnson, Hawaii

I have tried many diets, without much success. When I re-scripted my unconscious imagery about my weight, I can hardly believe it but I am loosing weight! This is the best course I have taken.

Cologne, Germany

I feel powerful and connected. I now have the skills I need to create my life how I want it to be. I have gained an inner peace that will stay with me, because I now know how to create it. Thank you for helping this to be possible for me!

Ashland, Oregon

This course has given me the skills to triple my business.... and it was effortless.

M. Jones, Chicago

Your course saved my life in many ways.... I have learned how to work for fewer hours, while achieving greater results, learned the art of visualizing success in advance and most importantly, learned how to be more gently and loving with myself.

F. Martin, Chicago

Upon applying the skills I learned in this course I negotiated the largest business partnership ever for my company...and it seemed so easy.... The Living From Vision course is THE best course I have ever taken. What I like the best is how I re-learned to trust and act upon my intuition to create what I truly desire in my life.

P. Barnes, Chicago

"I owe this course a debt of gratitude for opening the window to my soul's ability to create. I am truly living from "Vision" more and more every day.

O. Morrisen

The Living From Vision Course helped me to sell my house in just one day... and I now found the new house of my dreams.

Phyllis Gramas

The Living From Vision® Course has helped me realize that my number one priority is developing a more loving relationship with my son... I now have the courage to share this with him and develop this goal together.

Dan Jensen

I have taken similar courses for a lot more money. This course could easily cost 10 X the amount and still outshine all the others. It is marvelous how my life has turned around since last year! I have the relationship I want, I am in my own creative business since then. All that happened as a result of me applying the principles of Living From Vision.

Manfred Wesel, Germany

I have been through a heavily stressful life for the last 5 years, facing major problems and whilst trying to find the best possible solution, had to endure onslaught after onslaught. I had to persevere the problems and the onslaughts for the sake of my children and now that they are off my responsibility and old enough, I was looking as to how I could reconnect with my old self.

The reason why I attended the course was to get back with my ability to put a dream into practise.

Working through the course in the first lesson already, I found myself being able to live from vision again.

I got more than what I bargained for, I became aware of the practical steps a person goes through to put his vision into action. Now, whether I am under stress or not I can still do it.

I put the value of this course on to BECOMING AWARE of what the steps are that we need to do for success in our lives.

Dr. Constantin Nobelis N.D. (53 years old)

At 45, who needs a course … A course to change your life?

Well, everybody needs this course!!

Whether you are 12 or 82, it will change your life … for the better! Personally, it came God sent at the worst time of my entire life!!

I was absolutely devastated through, or rather because of the reality of life … all my vocational dreams and hopes were part of this Dream … then shattered in one moment!!

But God sent “Living from Vision”!

The tools of the course preserved my Dream for Africa … Peace through Quality of Life!!:

A week after the course I was in the Parliament in South Africa… sharing our vision of peace!! My new self image created the path to success.

Ilona, God bless your course with the dear Doctor. Be assured I will continuously promote my life saving strategy … LIVING FROM VISION!! A must for all … even 45 years old!!

Chris Engelbrecht (Africa)

Thank you for helping me become a more radiant being! After reading the book ‘Journey to the Center of Creation’ by Ilona Selke, I decided to take the Video-Self-Study version of the Living From Vision Course. I loved it! It enabled me to direct my life and make it into the way I want to live. I feel the class has enabled me to be a better healer, direct my life much better and helped me let go of the past.

Candance K. Colorado USA

I'm so so looking forward to having you here in Mumbai with us! Can't wait to have you in our home….which is actually an amazing manifestation of the very first Living from Vision course I did with you guysin Mumbai way back when. It took a while but it did happen. See you very very soon

Hugs, Kisses, Loads of love, and tonnes of light….



I can personally vouch for the change within me. Before staring the LFV course I had very little self esteem and was overweight.
As soon as I did the home study course I started to change the way I thought of myself. I have lost 28 lb. since Christmas and I am now the size I was in my 20's (I'm 56 years old). Carol Wyn Williams Australia
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