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We offer you one of the most effective methods on the market, that teaches anyone how to manifest one's goals, wishes and dreams! The LFV Course teaches how to tap the power of the subconscious mind, how to access the inner wisdom and intuition.

This course has been taught world wide since 1991 with great success. It is soon to be available in six languages.

You may have read the book Wisdom of the Dolphins, or the follow-up book Dolphins, Love & Destiny, or the children's book Alin Learns to Use His Imagination, or the book Living in a Holographic Universe by Ilona Selke ot the book DREAM BIG - The Universe is listening.

Or you may have participated in one of our seminars, might have taken the Living From Vision® class online for your self or in a group, and now wish to become a LFV coach or teacher so you can help others see through the veil and hlep people enter the holographic universe.

IF your wish to contribute to the evolution of humanity, or if living your life's purpose is the fundamental wish in you- THEN you are in the right place.

The Living From Vision® course is the answer to the need to discover the secret workings of the universe. People thirst to discover the hidden laws of the mind, the subconscious, and their soul.

  • Our intuition can be trained!
  • We can teach how to co-create miracles in our daily live.
  • We can teach how to manifest more effectively.
  • We can teach how to overcome the sense of being a victim in an overwhelmingly large and complex seeming universe.

By teaching people how to access the innate and inner wisdom through tried and proven methods presented in the LFV course, we ensure that we teach how to effectively co-create ones own reality.

We have helped thousands and thousands of people gain back the inner freedom and joy that had gotten lost in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

We don't want followers, we rather want to give tools, in order to help people help themselves. As a LFV TEACHER you will teach your students to become independant. Give a man a fish, and he becomes dependent. Give a man a net, and he can fish for himself forever. Living From Vision® class is the net for the fisherman.

This way we ensure that a person can become an independent, alive humans, who know how to access the power of their mind and soul on their own.


The LFV course is teaching how to create and manifest dreams and goals, and align with one's higher life's purpose. Goals can be internal states or external creations, it is up to the individual which kind of goals are important to manifest. The student will learn how to manifest his or her goals, dreams and wishes reliably.

And you as the LFV teacher will be able to pass this vital ability of co-creation onto to your students.

Happiness is an internal state which results from being in touch with one's inner center. This state and feeling will be cultivated in the LFV course.

On a scale from 1 to 10 most people measure their current level of happiness at 6.5.

At the end of the LFV-Course most all participants register themselves at 9.5 or 10.

1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 4 -- 5 -- 6 -- 7 -- 8 -- 9 -- 10

The power of the LFV course comes from the fact that it teaches access to the inner world. Most people don't take the time in everyday life to reflect, and to comve from a vision. They rather react to the many demands.

As an LFV Teacher or LFV Coach you will teach the very effective techniques of how to access the subconscious mind.

People gain more control over their lives by opening to the more powerful part of their mind and their seat of intuition.

Over five weeks your participants practice habits that enable them to make remarkable changes in their lives.

Manifesting goals is the first outward step toward realizing the co-creative powers each person possesses in this alive and interactive universe. In this way the Living From Vision® course teaches the fundamentals of a spiritual life without any dogma.

Q: In what format is the Living From Vision® course taught?


The LFV course has been taught world wide since 1991 in two different styles.

  1. In a Group Study format, through the training of an LFV teacher who guides the participants in 5 sessions with guided imagery exercises. The participant will get the LFV ONLINE COURSE or the LFV work-book. Each student will need to get their own LFV APP.
  2. The LFV Course can be studdied as a Self Study Course with the assistance of an LFV coach:
    • either as an Online course
    • or with DVDs and books

The Living From Vision® course is taught in groups setting or self-study

  • In five weekly group-sessions, one or two weeks apart, each class lasting approximately three hours. The student receives a total of 15 hours of group-instruction.

At home the student will work with:

  • daily morning and evening guided imagery exercises and written work in the LFV/APP Day-Planner.

The LFV-APP Day-Planner and its daily exercises ensure that the student will spend about 10 to 15 minutes in the morning and evening listening to one of the specifically designed audio files, that help the student reinforce the newly developed skills.

These exercises ensure that the material learned in the 5 segments will actually be absorbed and practiced on a daily basis and become a positive mental habit.

Results will start to materialize once the student practices them on a daily basis.

The LFV Coach can offer his/her students weekly coaching sessions to complement the LFV Self Study course or the LFV WEBINAR SESSIONS

Additionally the student will also use the LFV APP on a daily basis to reinforce the new skills learned in the LFV Self Study course.

Q: How easy or challenging is it to teach the LFV-course?

A:The material is exceedingly well put together and was developed by Dr. Rod Newton and Ilona Selke. All the necessary steps for teaching each week's material are specifically written out in the LFV Teacher's Manual from A to Z.

Even beginning teachers have been complimented in German, Australia, Africa, Singapore, China and in North America on their professionalism and amazing effectiveness of teaching the LFV material.

Please contact our office to find how how you can I learn to teach the Living From Vision ® course at: info@livingfromvision.com


Here are the necessary steps to complete:

  1. Completion of the Living From Vision® Self Study course or the LFV Course taught by a certified LFV TEACHER or COACH.
      • ONLINE CO-TEACHING & TRAINING with at least two other LFV TEACHERS in TRAINING
  3. Teaching the LFV course to at least 4 students over a five week period in a group while under guidance with your LFV Teacher Trainer Coach
  4. Reviewing the FEEDBACK FORMS from your LFV Students

Upon completion of your Living From Vision® course, your students will fill out a feedback form. Upon satisfactory review by our office, you qualify to receive your Living From Vision® Teacher Certificate.



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I can personally vouch for the change within me. Before staring the LFV course I had very little self esteem and was overweight.
As soon as I did the home study course I started to change the way I thought of myself. I have lost 28 lb. since Christmas and I am now the size I was in my 20's (I'm 56 years old). Carol Wyn Williams Australia
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